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You Must Be God (Creative Collective Assignment)

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Our hearts and minds crave a world where right always wins and wrong always falls. But in reality, right and wrong dance together to a symphony so beautiful and so quick that the two become one gray form blended of each other. Right and wrong no longer stand in distant corners easily distinguishable by their contrasting colors and actions. Right knows wrong’s rhythms and wrong knows right’s next steps. The distance between them is but inches now, growing closer as the days turn to years in this shattered world we call our own. How can we then be expected to see through the haze and know where we stand, to which side each of us belongs?

Reality is not clear. Reality is not as concrete as the stories we all grew up believing. For in reality, we are all both right and wrong. We are all shaped, altered, and changed by perspective, history, wounds of days gone by, commonalities of race, and gender, and age, and culture. All of us are so blended, so swirled with night and day that no star knowns when to shine and no bird knows when to sing within our very hearts. And so we spin…. around and around and around, faster and faster.

We circle ourselves in observation and judgement. We circle ourselves in controversies of others in hopes of escaping the revolution disorienting our own hearts. We circle ourselves in justifications, in excuses found common to our generation, our community, our religion, our world. We circle ourselves in self-worth, an oxymoron of endless boundaries. And we spin, again and again.

But then, as if in a dream or vision, a faint whisper of a sound so familiar to us all begins its gentle, persistent call. Not all who spin will slow enough to hear it, but still it calls to us all. The distant, subtle sound of drops falling to the ground can be heard. A sound our very souls recognize and crave but our minds wait and ponder. What is this dripping? What is this far off cry of peace and love?

Those who choose to slow long enough will hear it calling and begin to find they are now searching for more than the mere separation of right and wrong in this world. The urge for more grows like a flame inside of them to pull them towards the source of the drops. Curiosity pulls them out of their eternal dance to seek the heart of it all, as Longing grabs hold of their hands. They are led forward into something both so strange and so familiar that they can no longer dictate the path ahead. Farther from the chaos of the world they are pulled, closer to this ever growing drip, drip, drip. Somehow, they know this sound has value far greater than the dance they left behind. It calls to them and they come. Closer and closer they come. Until at last, they see….. Him!

There He stands. Right surrounds Him like a King’s robe and Wrong sits crushed beneath His mighty feet. Purpose shines from His smile and Peace from His eyes. They may not know His name, may not know His full story, but they know His love. As each one reaches Him, His arms extend to them in Mercy, and Grace drips from His hands to theirs, filling their hungry souls with substance of endless worth.

Instantly, the pull of the world is broken and their blinders removed. Staring into the face of this majestic warrior they can, at last, see clearly the truth from the lies. They can see the brokenness around them and the wholeness now within them. They can see the sin that once followed them, taunted them, captured them, now shriveling in a corner at the sight of their renewed souls. They can see the pain they once carried in their own eyes now being enveloped and erased by His. And they can see, as they have never been able to see before, all that He gave for them to experience this one moment in time with Him. The Grace that drips from His fingers was once the blood of sacrifice. And the sound that called them to Him has been the tool He used to cleanse them, seal them, and prepare them to return to the dance with a new understanding, a new rhythm in their hearts, a new dance to share in hopes of ending the grayness of the world around them.

And as the realization of all that is truth comes to light in their once confused minds, their eyes lock with His and their voices are finally found with but one phrase on their lips:

“You MUST be God!”

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