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Writing Prompt: Speed

How do you know when to push? And when to stay still? And to rest? Is there a holy, righteous, God-set speed to serving Him? To filling the desires He has placed in your heart? Is there a rhythm? A natural order? There is a pattern to the Creator of the Universe. He prefers to follow a strategic plan that has worked since the beginning of time. It's what creates the sustainability and reassuring constancy of God that we all crave in the chaos of our lives. But does the same apply to ourselves? Is there a rhythm or speed at which He expects us to walk through this life in servitude to Him? Is there an expectation of pace? In some way I do believe He does. He does not want us to waste our days, but rather to number them and make them count. But we must also avoid pushing, forcing things before their time. So how do we know His speed? Simple. By relying on Him. 

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