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Fight On, Fighter

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

I see you. I know. I hear your cries. I know your pain. I feel it within my very heart. Each tear that you cry is not without it's witness. Each plea does not fall on deaf ears. I see you. And I know.

This battle has been longer than most that you have faced. But remember, child, you do not fight alone. I have never once left your side, for you are too valuable to me, too precious. My love for you is too all-consuming for me to ever turn it off. It constantly screams to be answered. And I will never allow it to remain unattended to. For you are Mine.

I know that the darkness seems a bit darker this time around. And I know that the day seems slow to rise. But, it is coming, dear one. It is coming! Please believe Me. And when it comes, oh how much you will see! How very much you will know! How much you will live then! It will come, My child, and it will be beautiful!

Pick your head up again. Stand up again. Rise again. Decide to go again. Fight again. I will go with you. I will rise with you. I will fight with you. I promise you, I will!

Just be willing.... again.

The day will come when your strength will outweigh the enemy's attacks. The day will come when the mere sight of you will cause him to tremble. The day will come when your voice in his direction will remind him just how much power I have placed within you. It will come, my child, it will come. And when it does, you will know exactly why these nights were long and these tears were numerous. For you will find the power in the moments you lived in the darkness. You will find the source of your strength was hidden in the cries of your heart. And you will know how to reach out and help those behind you, those without hope, those stuck in the very traps you have been freed from. You will!

For now, my amazing creation, I simply ask you to trust in the process. Just believe there will be a day where it will end, where it will be different. Don't lose sight of the promise I have planted in your heart at the moment of creation. You will see it bloom one day. You will!

But until then, just fight on, my child. Fight on! Stand up, face the enemy, and call into reality just what I have told you. Claim it as truth and it will be yours to keep forever. Fight on, dear one! Fight on. For you were designed just for this moment, just this battle, just for those souls that you can effect for Me! You were designed to be a fighter. So fight on, my fighter!

I will hold you in the battles. I will.

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