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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me, hold your head up high! I know the burdens you carry deep inside are weighing you down. But one day you'll see that these heavy pains are making you stronger and stretching your heart in ways you can't see right now.

Dear Younger Me, don't listen to their words. One day you'll see that the insults they hurl at you are really to protect themselves. Don't let them sneak into your mind and into your heart. Don't believe them as if they were truths. They are vicious lies! One day you'll understand that those who are hurting try to hurt others. Rise above them, little girl. You're worth more than gold to the One who made you.

Dear Younger Me, keep crying out to Him in the dark of the night. Call to Him by every name that you know Him to be in your life. I know you feel alone in your walk but when you call out to Him over and over again you are forming a bond with the Creator of the Universe that will serve as a platform for a relationship that will see you through this and so much more.

Dear Younger Me, look up! Look around! God has surrounded you with love and strength in those all around you. He has put people in your path to distract you from the darkness that's fighting for your heart now. Look at them, little girl. Look and see how much they truly want to understand and help. Look and see how much they value you as you are. Look up and see how many people are watching you and learning from you when you think you're walking this dark road alone. See the light all around you that He has given you.

Dear Younger Me, hold on! It gets better, I promise!! The darkness may always try to hold you back. But by standing tall and continuing to cling to Him who you talk to in your head and heart day and night you will see how He is making you mighty, strong, compassionate, giving, wiser than your age, and a true daughter of the King! He is shaping you, young one, and making you so much more than you can understand right now.

Dear Younger Me, just wait and see! Just wait and see what He can do!! You will understand why you had to journey down this long and winding road. And you will look back and say that even then, it was good. It was for your good and for His glory! Just wait and see, little girl! Just wait and see!!

Dear Younger Me, I am who I am today because of the choices you are making today. Hold your head up high, don't listen to the lies, look at those surrounding you, hold on, and believe that you will see one day all that He is doing in you. Keep going, Younger Me. You can and will survive, and even thrive!

Thank You Lord for the Younger Me!

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