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Come to Me

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

There’s no need to be frightened by intimacy - not with Me, child. Not with me. I feel your hesitation. I understand your fear. And I feel the pain behind the truths that have led you to this place. I simply want to offer you what you truly crave. I want to fill the need you have burning in your very soul; to fill it completely and fully. What I offer may appear to your human eyes as similar to what has burned you time and time again in this life of broken dreams and injured hearts. It is not the same. Believe Me, child. What I offer you is more. It is so much more than you can imagine or dream. And yet a part of you has been dreaming of just such a thing for more years than you even realize. I can fill that need. Just let Me love you. I feel your pain. I feel your fear. And I despise what the enemy has done to you, what mankind has done to you, that you can’t embrace the unending, untainted love I offer you without fear of the cost. Believe Me, child, there is no cost here. There is no payback. There is nothing required of you, no obligation on your part at all. I simply want to love you, My beloved child. No secret agenda lies in these arms. Only love, real love, a love like you’ve only seen glimpses of in your short life. I know that you know Me. You seek me daily. You crave me deeply. I hear your heart beating for more and more of me. I am offering you exactly what you are begging for. Just open your heart and let Me love you completely, relentlessly, unendingly. My arms ache to hold you. My heart screams to be near you. My very presence longs to surround you. Please, child, have faith. Trust Me. I created you to know this kind of untainted love. I long for you, and you long for Me. Come to Me.

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