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Blessings of a Hit-And-Run

I wanted to share with you a quick story of just how amazing God is, and how much he works every detail together for the good of those who serve Him! 

First, a little background... Several months ago I was running late to an event at Vanderbilt where I was working part-time. I was caught in traffic and was too late to pick up my parking pass before the event started. So I parked across the street and waited for my manager to meet me with a parking pass. Once I had my pass I rushed to move my car into the parking garage across the street before I got ticketed. Well... I should have slowed down and taken my time because I pulled out of the lot too sharply and pulled my whole front bumper off on a pole beside the parking spot I was in. After many attempts to get it back on a kind stranger finally stopped and helped me push it back on so I could get across the street and into the parking garage. A few days later I was volunteering downtown at a large missions event for NAMB and parked in a church parking lot. Because my bumper was already low the stop guard at the front of the parking spot pulled the bumper completely off when I backed out to leave, with no way of reattaching it. My friend Cindy and I quickly threw my bumper into the backseat of my car and drove it home where I called my Dad to come help me rig it to make it "street legal" until I had the money to get it fixed. Needless to say I've been driving around with my bumper held on with bungee cables and duct tape ever since. 

Fast forward a bit to just a couple of weeks ago....

I visited a friend's house and parked my car on the side of the road across the street from her house. Her street is small and many people were already parked on the side of the street so I thought nothing of it. I drove off with my friends to go yard-sale shopping and geocaching with them and left my car there all day. When we returned that night I discovered that I had been hit twice on my front driver-side bumper. In fact, I could no longer get my driver side door open. Surprisingly to me, and my friends, I really wasn't upset about it. I just had this strange peace about it all; that it was going to be okay. I called the police and had them write up a police report, and even though we had speculations on how it happened (my friend's neighbor is an elderly woman who really shouldn't be driving anymore), the officer chose to write it as a hit-and-run for my sake. I had no idea how that was for my sake until later. 

The next morning I did the adult thing and called my insurance company to let them know what happened. I was informed that my deductible would be $1000 for a collision, which I was not real stoked about, but that they would go ahead and claim my detached bumper along with the damaged fender and door on the claim. So right away I was praising God for my bumper getting fixed! But it gets better!! The insurance agent asked me to send her the police report since it would be faster than her requesting a copy sent to them. I did just that and she called me almost immediately. She said the police filed the report as a hit-and-run. I said, "Yep." Her response??? "Oh, that's not a collision report then. That's an uninsured motorist claim. Your deductible won't be $1000 it will be $200!" 

Seriously!! How good is God?!! I knew there was a reason I wasn't upset when it happened. I felt like God had it all in His control. And sure enough, He did! My car is at the shop right now getting everything that's possibly wrong with it fixed. And all that it's going to cost me? $200!! Oh, and guess what! I got a refund on my home-owners insurance (same company) because I sold my home. Bet you can't guess how much that check was for..... a little over $200. So basically, my repairs are free!!

My God is an awesome God! If that story doesn't make you say "Amen" then you might want to check your pulse!! I mean, how cool is that?! He is all in the details folks. And I have to tell you I've LOVED watching Him work everything together for this journey. I don't know if I'm just noticing it more now or if He's up to more now in my life than before. But I feel like He's been working all around me for months as I get ready for this next journey He's leading me on. And I LOVE sharing these stories with others to give HIm glory!! I hope this story blesses you like it does me and reminds you that He's got you, every detail is in His control and for His glory! Praise God!!! 

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