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Townships and Ministry

I’ve been asked to explain what a township is. And honestly, I’m not sure how to do so. I will say that it’s similar, in theory, to the projects found in inner-city areas in the US. But these are not always government build and not regulated the way they are in the US. They are communities of physically-poor people, usually separated by “kind” or race (their choosing). The government is working to add safer homes within these communities but they simply can’t keep up with the demand. So, most homes are built from rubbish and debris by the homeowners themselves. The townships have their own names, their own schools, their own churches, and their own shops. And, most of the individuals who live there travel every day to the “white” towns to work/beg/steal what they need to get by.

But it is the people of these townships, those desperate for love, that my heart cry out for. It is here that I’m striving to minister and share the Gospel in any way that I can. It’s in these townships that I’m working to build relationships and share the Gospel, through every opportunity the Lord lays ahead of me.

One of the ways I’m trying to do this is by prayer walking with the team and a local man of God who is known in the townships around Plett. As a team, we’re striving to do prayer walks on a more regular basis, but for now I’m just grateful to go when I can! On these prayer walks we simply walk with our local friend from “house” to “house” and ask if they need prayer or have any issues we can speak with God about. If they say no, we ask God to bless them while standing outside their door. If they say yes, we talk to them (using our friend to translate when needed) and share the Gospel. Then we pray following the promptings of the Spirit. For me, this is a HUGE learning opportunity, teaching me to be brave and courageous in the Spirit. And it is on these prayer walks that we see the true power and grace of God. We’ve seen souls saved, people healed, and darkness flee! It’s amazing!

Another opportunity to love these people comes in the form of education. I’ve just started to work alongside the “Shine Literacy” program, currently serving in one of the local townships, where I’m privileged to work with children individually to help teach reading and writing skills. There’s a huge need for literacy in these schools as the children are taught in English only after Grade 4, but they are never actually taught English prior to this change in curriculum. By being a part of this program I’m granted an excellent opportunity to not only teach these children but also love on them and tell them that God adores them and wants to give them an abundant life! I cherish these opportunities as well and I look forward to working with this ministry more regularly in the new school year!

I have also begun to research helping with the Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center here in Plett, as well possibly helping with a “feeding” program I just learned about.  I’m exploring these options and praying through them now. I am also seeking other opportunities to pour into the lives of the people in the local townships of Plettenberg Bay. I pray God leads my heart in ways that I can truly bless these people and show them just how much God loves them and wants them! I strive for this simply because I know how much I’m loved and wanted by Him as well!

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