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Sozo Inner Healing Ministry

"Sozo" comes from a Greek word which means "saved, healed, and delivered." 

I was introduced to the Sozo inner healing ministry at Plett Community church earlier this year after it was suggested that I could help serve with this team. I went on a training course just a few weeks afterwards and fell in love with this ministry. This was completely new for me but in the training alone I saw God work miracles in those around me, and I felt Him bring healing to my own heart just by practicing the tools learned there. I have since been in "training" with the church as a third chair (sometimes 2nd chair as needed) until I get a stronger understanding of the tools used and how the Holy Spirit directs these prayer sessions.  

If you're like me and have no idea what this all means, let me see if I can confuse you further (just kidding). Sozo ministry is a ministry based from Bethel in the states. It's been duplicated all over the world and seen amazing results in allowing the Holy Spirit to bring freedom and healing to thousands of people. It is a delivery ministry, based on prayer and prompting from the Holy Spirit. The word delivery connotes being "set free, having no restrains or constraints affecting us on any level." This is the goal of the Sozo ministry.

The premise of sozo is that most of the difficulties in our lives have their root somewhere in the past, often in childhood, resulting from a wound, lie, or traumatic event that happened. The goal of sozo is to find the root with the help of the Holy Spirit and to remove it and replace it with God's truths. It's, put simply, a prayer ministry where we walk people through the forgiveness process and allow God to tell people what He thinks of them, in hopes of countering any lies they've accepted along the journey of life. 

I am honored to be not only a recipient of this ministry, but now working alongside wiser, more experienced men and women to help bring freedom and truth to people in crisis. I've seen the tools work in my own life and I've been blessed to see them work in the lives of my friends and even my family (sorry, yes, I snuck them into our conversations at times to see God work). And I am very excited to be a part of what God is doing through this ministry to help others.

"The goal of the enemy is still the same: to steal, kill, and destroy. if he can't physically kill us, he will do his best to stop the work of God by wounding us and wrecking havoc in our minds so that we have more to work through to have our thoughts come in to conformity with the mind of Christ."  The goal of the Sozo ministry is to allow room for the Holy Spirit to repair and restore the damage, bringing us all back into communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. "This healing prayer works because the motive and purpose is in sync with the heart of God."

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