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Quick Update

Quick ministry update:

​Hope Centre:  * Jordan and I completed the school term at Wittedrift teaching the Undiluted program - praying they see the value of the program and allow us back next year to teach more kids the value of sexual integrity  * I've had four counseling clients since my last update - the Centre has had several new clients. God's working in all their lives and we're building relationships for long term change  * Jordan, Joyce, and I are starting two support groups for teen moms at Plett Secondary School next week - one for pregnant girls and one for girls who already have kids. The goal being to keep them in school so they graduate and to teach sexual integrity to stop the cycle of multiple kids they can't afford * We're working in all of the local clinics now to get the word out about our services and to help the clinics and other NPOs in the community. I'm representing Hope next week at a community open house at one of the largest clinics in town.

Shine: * We finished the third term of school a couple of weeks ago. The final school term started this week. I'll be teaching there (on Fridays now because of transportation issues) after the clinic open house.  * All but one of my kids progressed out of the program and are ready for the English exam at the end of the year. The one who didn't will be with us again this term and should progress quickly. 

Sozo: * I've helped with a couple more kids Sozo sessions since the last update. But we're training more Prayer partners so it's slowed down for me for a bit

Christian School: * I was amazed to see my tutoring student pass his math test on his own and begin to really progress in his reading before I had to step away * The car I was using to get to the schools/Shine/townships has been broken for several weeks. Praying we get it fixed soon, or God provides a way to buy a car of my own. But the Christian school has been put on hold until I get that worked out. 😞

Plett Community Church: * I'm still helping with the preschool KidzBlock program (Sunday School), once a month * I joined the media/worship team this week after weeks of helping behind the scenes loading their lyrics into MediaShout (ugh, this program). I started on Wednesday as an operator. It's a small set up, nothing like LH. But I love it! * Connect Group is growing and I am blessed to find new friends here, as well as ways to both give/mentor the younger folks in group and to receive from the curriculum  * Bible Study Babes is the Bible Study group Jordan and I have been attending for months now. These sweet women are amazing and I love being able to share LW studies with them * Gods Girls is a new bible study group of older ladies, mostly my grandparents age, that I just started attending last week. They are precious and so full of wisdom and knowledge that I crave

Other: * I've been blessed to be able to attend service at a friend's church in the township recently, which I love!! I'm hoping to be able to do this more and more (when I'm not serving at PCC) * A friend from connect group has offered to start teaching me Afrikaans. I'm hoping to start that soon  * My friends, Marshall and Malaka Grant (missionaries from Atlanta) have been doing worship/prayer nights at their house on Sunday nights. I've been blessed to go to a couple of these and meet with others to give God the glory and pray for the communities here! I love these and hope to attend more of them as well. 

Prayer Requests: * Car situation! * Monthly support to make ends meet  * Jordan's visa is still in limbo, pray it is approved soon so she can see her family (been almost 2 years since she's been home) * Open minds and hearts at the schools with the Undiluted program and the teen mom groups * More  open doors for the Hope Centre and more volunteers to help reach the need   * Being able to speak love to more and more people, especially in the townships * Solid Christian friendships for myself (especially closer to my age/stage of life) * God knows my heart and abilities, praying for His direction as opportunities come my way that I will serve with His will in mind and not my own  * Preparations for my trip home * Prayers for several family members with health concerns  * Healthy boundaries with clients and friends as I process this still-very-new life of ministry (guard your heart). There's a steep learning curve to this missionary thing and I have no idea what I'm doing (don't think I'm supposed to).

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