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Praise Report: Passport, Training, and Friendraising

This update is all about praising God! He is sooo good, isn't He?!

This week I got my renewed passport in the mail with no delays. In fact, it actually arrived sooner than I was expecting it. Let's pray this same speed happens when I'm applying for my visa early next year!!

I also started a new training class this week that my church highly suggested (pushed me kicking and screaming) into. And as God would have it, it's actually VERY good! I've only been to one of the 15-week classes, but I've already learned so much. If you know anyone who is interested in possibly pursuing missions long term I highly recommend that they look into the Perspectives class. It typically doesn't meet in Tennessee. But this year they not only added a TN location, but made it less than 10 minutes from my office. It is a 15 week long course (meeting one night a week) but if the rest of the weeks are like this one I'm really going to learn a lot!! For more info, check out their website below.

And one last praise report: I've started asking people to meet me for personal one-on-one friendraising meetings. And so far I have had a great response! People are not only willing to meet with me but have been telling me that they are already praying over me! I have to tell you, that means so much more to me than you'll ever know!! And for a girl who loves to work "behind the scenes" it's very strange for me to be excited about speaking up. But when it comes to South Africa and what I see God already doing there it's no problem for me! I LOVE talking about what He's doing and what He is allowing me to join in on. I'm so thankful that He's put people on my heart each day to contact and pray over myself so they can consider joining along with me to see God at work in the lives of the people in South Africa! (If you aren't sure what friendraising is I highly recommend checking out the book at the link below. I'm hoping to explain more about that in a later post as well if you're not a book person).

With all that He has been up to in the last couple of weeks I just had to stop and praise Him and thank you all for coming along for the ride on this crazy journey of mine. For those who are praying over me, Cindy Carter, and the people of South Africa please don't stop! I know the power of change God has in people's lives. I've seen that power change me, and He continues to change me every day. I want nothing more than for the people of South Africa to not only know there is a God but to know Him personally and to see just how much He loves them! God is an awesome God and He can, and has, done so many incredible things! I can't wait to see what He's got in store for Africa and the world!

Now it's your turn to join the conversation. What has been on your heart lately that I can pray for? What people group or area around your city/state/world do you see a large need for? Let me join in the mission God has you on right now. Please let me know how I can help with where God is working in your life. I want this to be more than a blog but an open communication forum. So please don't hesitate to comment if you'd like others to join in praying for your concerns, or email me if you'd like to keep it more personal.

We are all on mission for God no matter where He has us. But as I learned in my class this week "The only One who is whole is God. Everyone of us is a part. We can’t fight this alone. But there’s no end to what we can do together." Let's be a part of each other's stories for the glory of God!

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