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Merryfield Team Hits Nashville

Some of you may know that about 3 weeks ago the Merryfield team met up in the Dallas/Ft Worth area of Texas to do some fundraising. The team right now consists of the two directors of Merryfield Children's Village (Steve and Julie James) two missionaries currently serving in South Africa with them (Jordan Miller and Cindy Carter) and me, a missionary about to move to South Africa. They are currently all in the States on furlough and have been taking the opportunity to fundraise and share God's work wherever they go. But in Texas we were able to all come together and work as a team for God's glory in South Africa. (Jordan wasn't able to join us in Texas)

We spent a week in that area and were amazed at the connections God allowed us to have! He led us to talk to people about His mission that we could have never been able to reach apart from Him! And we truly believe He alllowed us to plant some big seeds for Him to grow. We also met with one large church named Fielder Road who showed interest in getting involved in Merryfield very soon. We all praise God for mighty work He is doing in Texas!

Well now it's Nashville's turn. And before we could all get together God was already opening doors for us in this city! And again it's opportunities that we could NEVER have reached with our own power!! The team has only been in the area for a day and He has already set up multiple opportunities to tell His story to others! And on Tuesday morning, we'll be meeting with the missions staff at a church that has meant so much to both Cindy and I, Long Hollow! (Jordan wasn't able to come to TN)

Please join us in praying over the work God is doing here and now in Nashville! Pray that He continues to open doors for us and provide us with opportunities to speak of His great works! Pray for the many ways He is already at work in this great city and that people's eyes will be opened to how they can join Him where He is! Pray for the people and churches we are getting to talk to that they will know what God wants their role to be in this work and how He wants to use them for His glory in South Africa!

Also, please pray for the team as well. As you may know, when God is at work so is the enemy. But we all know that his tactics and schemes are useless distractions because God has already claimed victory over us through the blood of Jesus Christ!! Pray that we'll continue to see through the Spirit where the enemy is at work so we can call him out and claim our victory over him by the power of the cross!

Thank you for being a mighty part of what God is doing!! Your prayers are truly an armor for us! We genuinely couldn't be doing any of this without the prayers of The Family of God! Thank you!!

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