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Just an Update

I realized I haven't posted anything on here in forever. Please forgive me. Things have been a bit hectic. But for those who want to know, here's what's been going on:

* King's College just started back to school this week after a two week end of term break. We've started Term 2 officially. I'm up to 5 classes every Tuesday (3 English, 1 Bible, 1 Computers) and 3 classes ever Wednesday (1 English, 2 Computers). I took this new term to introduce my computer classes to Cozmo, the adorable learning robot I got for Christmas. My oldest kids, Grade 7, have really taken to him. And since they are the farthest ahead in their typing lessons, I'm going to take the opportunity to start teaching them some basic coding skills using Cozmo. I think they're really going to impress with these skills if they can grab on to them before they move to secondary school next year. We're still only teaching 4 or 5 kids at a time on computers right now. But we have a potential donor who is looking at helping us get the additional 20 computers we need to do a full class of kids for each lesson. Prayers would be appreciated for this!! Also, if you could pray for my Grade 5 class. I'm really struggling to get through to this class as there are so many behavioral issues in one room it's becoming quite a juggling act to get any learning done. The AMA journals are helping to give each kid a chance to voice their struggles to me individually. But it's the follow-through on my end that's becoming overwhelming. They are bright, sweet kids who just have a lot to deal with outside of the classroom and struggle to not carry their burdens with them. I just need to find a way to break through their walls and reach their hearts.... somehow.

* During the break I was blessed to be able to join Murray back on the farms (one day). I sure do admire these women! They work so hard on the farms and never really leave it. They live in their own communities there and their kids go to the local farm school (which is threatening to close again this year for lack of funds). But they sure do love to learn about the Bible. Every time I visit I feel like they open up to me more and more. And I LOVE watching them soak up the wisdom Murray so freely gives them during their Bible Study lessons. I was also blessed to join Murray and Mavis in the community a few times during break. We visited a couple of new people I had not met before and I was honored to hear their hearts and pray with them to see the God I love, even in their circumstances.

* I was also able to spend more time at Victory Church during the holiday break. I don't always know what good I'm doing there, but if all I do is show up and help with office work it must be helping somehow, right? It's less burden on the amazing, godly people who work there day in and day out to make His name known. And, for that, I am grateful! I especially love watching the media team grow and develop! I always learn so much from watching them do what they do naturally.

* During the break I was blessed to help with the Holiday Kids Club again. It was a bit of a surprise for me and the kids. I got an SOS text on Monday of break and showed up Tuesday morning to pitch in. I haven't seen these kids since last year, so I wasn't expecting them to really remember me. But, boy was I wrong! I walked around the corner and was tackled by children yelling, "Auntie Kris!!" I'm pretty sure my face was hurting from smiling by the end of the day! They are all such special kids! And I LOVE helping Teacher Heather with her fun holiday plans!

* I spent some time house-sitting/pet-sitting for my friend Inecke's mom, Durma. They have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 4 birds, 2 rabbits, and a tortoise. It was GREAT! I love hanging out there! For those who don't know, I actually lived with Inecke and her mom for about a month last year. So I kind of feel like adopted family. I even call Durma my SA mom and she calls me her daughter. It's a sweet relationship that I hope will continue. Speaking of which, I was so incredibly blessed by this family to be invited on a girl's weekend to Cape Town. Inecke lives in Cape Town now completing her degree. She came home for holiday and then we all drove back with her to spend a few days in CT, attend the Ed Sheeran concert, tour around the town, and spend time with Inecke, as well as Durman's BFF Santie (aka: Tannie). Then "mom" and I flew back in time for school to start again. It was a whirlwind of fun, laughs, photos, and great memories. And it was VERY much needed! I really am so blessed!!

* The Pen Pal program at school is up and running. We have 86 kids partnered up with Pen Pals in the US!! The time between letters has been quite a lesson in patience for my English students, as well as for those of you in America who are participating. And finding ways to coordinate everything was more than I imagined! But now that we seem to have a bit of a system in place, I think this program will be such a blessing to both my SA kids and the USA kids/adults who are participating. I just pray God's love can be communicated to my students this way, as well as helping them with their English/writing skills. More than anything, I just want them to know that God cares enough about them to send people from all over the world just to love on them. I need them to understand just how big God is, and just how big His love is for each of them... just how incredibly special each one of them is to Him. Please pray that they hear this message with each letter they receive.

So, there ya go! There's the latest update for you! I hope to do this more often. And again, I apologize for the lack of communication.

If you're the praying type, below are some areas that could definitely use prayers:

* Grade 5 class

* Additional computers/funding for King's College

* That the Pen Pal program will be used to share God's love across the world

* Additional funding for Victory4All

* Continued growth with relationships in the community/township and farms

* Advancement of the Kingdom through the media at Victory Church

* Transportation concerns for me personally (possible long-term rental is being investigated)

* Continued emotional healing for me personally

* Additional financial support to continue living and working here in SA

* Upcoming financial needs: USA tax bill & replacing my broken cell phone

* Prayers for my family who are dealing with various transitions and changes

* Prayers for SA itself as they deal with coal/electricity shortages as well as continued prayers for rain and for the upcoming election season

If you have any prayer requests that you would like to share with me, please let me know! I'd love to add you to my prayer list if you need anything. You know I love to watch God turn my list of requests into a list of Amens! So, don't hesitate to ask for prayers. I will gladly lift up any needs you may have.

Thank you all so very much for helping me to continue to join God's work here in South Africa. I never really feel like I'm here alone because you all are so good at reminding me that you're here with me. Thank you!!

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