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Emergency Relief: Corona Food Parcels for Families

A message from our founders at Victory4All - Johan and Astrid Vos:

"The corona virus affects all of us.But it hits the children in the informal settlements in South Africa super hard. The whole country is in a lockdown and that has horrible consequences.

It’s a disaster for people who already didn’t have much. Because of the lockdown they aren’t able to work. Most of them don’t have an income anymore which means that they go hungry. 

In our organization, there are people with special permits to go out. They can go to these families to hand out food parcels. We also work together with local authorities and churches to locate the poorest families. They know where help is needed most. In the past weeks, we were able to help quite a few families already but we’d like to go much bigger!

Do you also want to help?

For 23 Dollars/19 Euro’s/400 Rand we are able to bring a food parcel to a family of four that will last them about five days. Remember: every donation will make a huge difference! 

We promise that 100% of every donation will be used to purchase food parcels to help these people.

Thank you!"

From me (Kris): If you'd like to help support these families, I would be honored to have your help! As much as I can't be in the community to be with these people that my heart longs to help, in a strange way, you can be there for me. Please consider helping us raise funds to feed our friends in the townships/communities where we normally would be serving. Thank you!!!

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