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Departure Date

The decision has been made. I'm planning on leaving the US and heading for beautiful South Africa the first full week of September (4th-10th). I'm working with an awesome adoption travel agency to help me get a discounted plane ticket (as well as an extra  checked back! yay!). I'm still working on when my last day at work will be because I want to make sure and honor my relationship with LifeWay. They've been so great to me for 9 years! I want to make sure I leave when it's good for both of us. But it will most likely be the middle-to-end of August. So, all-in-all I have about 2 months to get ready, get packed, and get on a plane. It's getting so real!!

If you'd like to help me raise the funds I need to get there and get settled I could use your help! I'm sure you all know how much fun moving can be (not!). Now imagine how fun it is when you don't know the area, don't use the currency, and have to find an apartment within walking distance of the stores and the offices you'll be working at. All that to say, it's been an adventure and a learning experience already. But I'm enjoying every new 'problem' that comes along and watching how God puts the pieces together. If you'd like to be a part of the journey financially, please visit the donate link below. I'd love to have you on my team!

And I could really, REALLY use your prayers as I try very hard to stay focused on God and learning from Him each step of this journey, in spite of all the decisions I have coming my way.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement! I honestly am so blessed by all of you! I couldn't do this without the army of believers God has surrounded me with! Thank you!

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