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Blessings in NYC

This is a post I wrote back in May when we returned from NYC to apply for our visas. Somehow I never posted it. Sorry!

Let me start by explaining that I've never been to New York City. And what I know of it, I really didn't plan to visit it anytime soon. I'm a country girl for the most part. I grew up playing in the woods with my brothers as a kid. I love nature and all things southern. So the idea of spending time in one of the largest, busiest, most crowded cities around was not my idea of a good time. But I did want to see the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Memorial. So when we found out we had to apply for our South African visas in person in New York City, my friend Cindy and I started planning our very short trip to get it done and get back as soon as possible. 

​To give you a quick look at all the ways God surprised us with blessings on this trip, take a look at the list below:

* No line at embassy (Previously people have stood in line for hours just to apply for their visas) * The lady running the counter was pleasant to us and still mean to others * They allowed us to email a document instead of going home and mailing it in (Previously this was not an option. If you were missing something you couldn't apply in person that day. You had to get it all together and come back later) * Not only did they allow us to email the doc but they actually let us wait in the office for the large document to open in their emails, and then printed it twice for our files. (Previously they have sent people to the local print store and made them come back when they had a printed copy.) * We were done in about an hour as compared to Cindy's all day try last time. * The forcast called for storms both days that we were in NYC. But our prayers for blue skies were answered! * We were able to talk about God briefly with a Muslim Uber driver. We didn't make any great progress but I hope we planted some seeds in him. * We wanted to see the Statue of Liberty but didn't want to pay for the tour. So we go on the Statton Island Ferry instead. A nice lady in line offered us directions and instructions on what to do when the boat docked. She ended up saving us from getting trapped on Statton Island waiting an hour for the next ferry to arrive. * We found a hotel at a good price and that was across the street from Penn Station! * While trying to make our way back to the airport, a lady on the bus listened to our story and became very protective of us; making sure we made it to the airport for our flight. * The bus driver helped us get on the correct bus (after we got turned around) and gave us free bus tickets to change buses when we got lost. * We landed in Nashville and realized we missed a crazy day at the airport by one day!!

I know these sound like little things but when you're expecting a rough trip and are surrounded instead by God's love, you can't help but be amazed! He truly is a great God!

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