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Being Used by God

For those who don’t know I’m still a bit homeless. I’m living at my landlord’s flat (apartment) until the work on mine is complete. It was supposed to be done before I got here but things move much slower in other countries, or so I’m told over and over again. While it’s been a bit of a struggle living in someone else’s house (my landlord works overseas and isn’t home), it has had many blessings as well. For instance, I’ve been working my way through several Bible Study videos that I brought with me on my hard drive. While listening to Priscilla Shirer’s study “Gideon” I noticed a shadow of someone on the deck outside. Then, after Priscilla told a funny story, I heard a laugh that wasn’t my own. It was then that I realized that the neighbor’s domestic (what they call cleaning/cooking/nanny staff) was working on the deck outside of the flat I’m staying in. The house is a combination of 5 or so flats that all share the same garden (backyard) and deck. When I realized that she was listening I decided to turn it up for her. She found a way to work outside my door for as long as possible. And a few days later I noticed she was back, listening again. I’ve now started reading my Scriptures out loud as well, as she tends to wander over to my part of the house whenever I do. I have spoken with her a few times, but she’s kept so busy that it’s hard to get a conversation with her. So it’s been amazing to think that God is using me (and Priscilla) to reach her when I can’t. Just by walking in obedience in the little things God is using me to bless and reach His people here in South Africa! How cool is our God?!

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