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Answered Prayers: Apartment

As some of you know I've been struggling for a few months now to find an apartment I can rent long-term in Plettenberg Bay, especially one that is within walking distance of most of the stores. Finding long-term is the struggle as Plett is a tourist stop 3-4 months out of the year (Nov-Feb is their summer season).

Well, a few weeks ago I received a FB message from a guy in Plett that knows the missionaries working there - The James family. His family had been working to turn his mom's old house into two new apartments in Plett and wanted to offer me first claim on one of the apartments!! How cool is our God?! And, what's even better is that it is located on High Street, just one street behind Main Street - FULL of stores! It's within walking distance of a bank, pharmacy, post office, grocery store, and gas station, not to mention a few dozen other local shops. And it's gated! It's much more than I could have hoped for!!

Thank You, Lord, for providing for me once again! And thank You for making things come together in ways I can't see every day of my life! Thank You for both hearing and answering prayers!

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