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2019 Year in Review

Where I’ve Been Blessed To Serve This Year

· King’s College Primary School

· Victory Church (media team)

· Oasis FM Jbay

· Community/Farms “Street” Ministry

Seeing A Life Changed

During one of our “street” ministry walks around Ocean View Township/Community, we met a young woman who was pregnant but wanted to talk with us about something horrible that happened to her as a young woman. Murray, Mavis, and I met with her in the only “safe” location we could find, Murray’s car. After sharing her story with us, we spoke with her about forgiveness and the amazing power of healing that comes from knowing Jesus. Within minutes, she accepted Jesus into her heart and a glow immediately appeared on her sweet face. Later, with the help of my amazing sponsors, we were able to purchase her a Bible in Xhosa so she can get to know God on her own terms.

Teaching For Life Change

I’ve been teaching at King’s College for a year and a half now. And I have to tell you, this place is amazing! The difference between the KC kids and the other kids we work with in the township/community is startling. KC kids know they are God’s children. They know they are loved by God and by several men and women who work with them daily. They know it’s important for them to make difficult changes to better their lives for themselves and their families. And they know they can be more than they ever imagined. All of this knowledge, and more, they learned at King’s College. And I am honored to be a small part of that.

Letters of Love

This year, I started a Pen Pal program with my English students that exploded. I started with one class and ended up with four classes of kids, each partnered with an American. They have LOVED working on their writing skills, getting to know about another country far from their own, and hearing about others who believe in God and want to share that information with them. Next year I’m hoping to add the other classes in our Intermediate Phase so that all students in Grades 4-7 will have a Pen Pal. But we are moving the program to email format due to many, many issues with postal services in South Africa.

Church Events To See Victory

I was privileged to be a volunteer at Victory Church this year, primarily with the media team. Because of that, I was able to serve as a camera operator and director for two amazing events, The Sending in June and The Rising (for women) in September. Seeing God work in the lives of so many people was truly amazing! And working alongside others who genuinely crave more of God is a blessing I hold dear to my heart.

Computers & Connections

As part of my work at King’s College, I am working with the Director, Johan Vos, to create a computer education program. But, beyond teaching typing and computer skills, I am also using the platform to teach Bible lessons by incorporating The Gospel Project Kids videos into their lessons. I have only been able to teach 5 kids at a time with our current set up. But with the prayer and faithful giving of many people in the Netherlands, we are opening a full computer lab very soon, able to teach up to 50 kids at a time!

Shipping Vs Donating, Lesson Learned

Last year I asked many people to help me bless the school with much needed supplies. This year, I learned my lesson. After about $500 spent in shipping costs, and many of the supplies used and gone in less than 2 months, I’ve instead decided to encourage people to choose the “Sponsor a Class” option on the Victory4All website.

Looking Forward: Goals for Next Year:

· Serve more at Oasis FM to see the gospel reach more people in our townships/communities around Jbay

· See the new computer lab set up and running for Grades 5-7 at Kings College

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